Where to  Find Our Crackers

Wondering what to use Lonestar Dynabites for besides just as a snack? Serve them with cheese or a salad. How about as a breading for fried chicken? Or in a freshly made sausage? We've got you covered!

Find us at Ace Hardware, Brookshire Brothers, Specs Liquor and other local retail and convenience stores.


Learn more about The Center and the work they do at www.theCenterHouston.org.

Want to get in touch with us? Call us at 713-364-6625 or email us at lonestardynabites@gmail.com.

The Best Spicy Crackers in Houston!

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Lonestar Dynabites Crackers

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Lonestar Dynabites Oyster Crackers

Our oyster crackers are a smaller version of the flavored saltines. Same spices, same kick! Use as croutons on a salad, eat by the handful like popcorn, or use as a breading for chicken and fish.

These spicy crackers made in Houston are a great snack, can be paired with cheese and salad or served with soups and gumbos. Or just simply to snack on with an ice cold beer.